Why lessons in your home

Music lessons in your own home provide many benefits besides the obvious convenience. For vocal students, learning at home provides a safe, comfortable environment where the student can explore their voice without the anxiety of being heard before they feel ready. Having piano lessons in the home affords the student the opportunity to learn on the same instrument that they use for practicing.

Why Future Music Stars

At Future Music Stars, we believe in music as more than a profession or hobby, or even a life-long pursuit; but instead consider it to be a key to living a happy and prosperous life, full of beauty, compassion, wisdom and humanity. We believe music allows us to live more fully. Star in your own life with Future Music Stars!

About the owner/founder, Crystal Clulee

Crystal is a lifelong musician and alumnus of the Berklee College of Music. Crystal has extensive performance experience both live and in studio. She has sung on stages ranging from Disneyland to Coachella, and been featured on numerous recording projects.  
Crystal began teaching in Boston while still attending Berklee, and has been teaching private lessons in California since 2005. She has also been a vocal instructor most summers from 2011 to present for Camp Jam OC, a week-long rock camp for teens. 
Crystal has an infectious love of her craft and extensive knowledge to share with her students. She truly enjoys watching them grow, both musically and personally, through the magic of music!