Singing can be a very personal and emotional pursuit. Having lessons in your own home offers a safe, comfortable environment for singers to explore their vocal talent and learn proper vocal techniques. You will gain confidence as you learn proper breath control, how to connect vocal registers without breaks, ways to improve tone and increase power without strain. Good singing technique will help your voice function in a natural and efficient way, and will translate to any style of music you wish to perform. Our one on one voice lessons are designed to fit each singer’s abilities, needs and goals.

If you feel you already have great technique and just want to improve performance aspects and expression, or just need to prepare for a big audition, Crystal can help with style and interpretation. She might suggest such things as riffs and other vocal embellishments, breath placement, and other interpretive ideas such as pronunciation, musical phrasing, etc, to help you make the song your own.

Because Crystal is also an instrumentalist, she can help you learn to read music and sight-sing. The ability to read notes is extremely helpful when singing and often imperative for studio singing jobs.

Both voice lessons and vocal coaching are designed around you and your specific needs and style.  Whether you are just starting, or looking to expand your range, develop your own style, or discover vocal freedom, Crystal will provide you with the tools you need to empower your singing abilities and achieve your goals.