Piano is a popular beginning instrument because it’s easy to produce music without a lot of skill, which makes students feel accomplished and encourages them to continue learning. The joy you’ll receive from learning piano will take you to a world where music is at your command, and the skills you'll learn can carry over to many other instruments that you may want to learn later.

At Future Music Stars, our piano lessons are grounded in solid theory, well-rounded, yet tailored to the student's specific needs and goals. We want you not just to do, but to understand why and how. We also firmly believe that learning music should be fun, not drudgery, and that students should be able to play the kind of music they want to play, not just what their teacher likes. We will absolutely make recommendations regarding music to learn, but we do not scoff at students who want to play songs we don't know, or their favorite pop songs. Keeping the student's interest is an important part of keeping them practicing!

Piano lessons aren't just about giving kids an opportunity for musical training. Recent research has shown that learning to play the piano has a profound impact on the brain, providing children with a wide range of benefits that last a lifetime.